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Our History

Dixon Muzzleloading Shop has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1975 by Chuck Dixon. Initially situated on Hawk Mountain Road in Kempton, PA, the shop underwent significant growth and development over the years.

Relocation and Expansion

In 1981, a pivotal moment in the shop’s history occurred when the Dixon family purchased property on Kunkels Mill Road, also in Kempton. This strategic move not only provided a new location for the shop but also facilitated its expansion and long-term stability.

Family Operation

For decades, Dixon Muzzleloading Shop remained a family-operated business. Chuck and Shirley Dixon, along with their son Greg, were instrumental in its day-to-day operations and success. Their dedication and hard work ensured the shop’s reputation for quality products and services.

Passing of the Torch

Tragically, Shirley Dixon passed away, marking a significant transition for the family and the business. Chuck Dixon, recognizing the need for retirement, made the decision to pass the reins to the next generation. In 2013, Greg Dixon and his wife Brenda assumed leadership of the shop, carrying on the family legacy.

Future Vision

Under Greg and Brenda’s stewardship, Dixon Muzzleloading Shop continues to thrive, with a vision for the future that includes passing the shop onto their children eventually. Their commitment to preserving the shop’s heritage while adapting to modern demands ensures its ongoing success in serving the muzzleloading community.